Nov 4, 2008

Tuesday, November 04, 2008
Elizabeth create A moderately-priced fashion-forward handbags, shoes, purse, evening bags and accessories. It is noted for its fine quality, unique style, and highly contemporary in style.

The Elizabeth has translated a highly successful line of handbags into a phenomenal division of shoes and accessories. The latest innovative high quality materials and custom hardware are the perfect mix between sexy and chic. Now the company is nationally recognized for its distinctive, quality-oriented products that are offered at an exceptional value.

To keep up with the latest technology, the company invests in new modern machineries from Germany and France.


  1. Thanks alot mate Terra, this is a really nice ELIZABETH HANDBAGS COLLECTION :) I’m bookmarking this page!!

  2. hello mba... bs order tas kah? dmn contak personnya untj sy hub.

  3. mau order barang ni mba